Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Mead


Stillpoint was founded in faithful response to Dr. Roisin O'Loughlin's calling: to found a spiritual oasis in the Las Vegas desert. In 2004, Roisin and two other Catholic women (Delise Fertitta and Mary Alice Nielson) brought forth Stillpoint to provide a gathering space that was nourishing of the spiritual life and hospitable to people of all faiths who genuinely seek the Divine and the sacred in the world.

Their experience might be described as a trek of faith. Bringing the Stillpoint mission to fruition required a great deal of contemplation, conversation, conceptualizing, planning, and faith. It required discernment ... listening for the Divine's direction. Finding the right place to plant and water the seeds of a spiritual oasis was a significant challenge.

For a time the dream went dormant. Months later, Delise happened upon a space in an office park that looked out onto a garden. When the three women walked the space together, they knew this was the place Roisin had envisioned. More than a decade and a half later, Stillpoint's founders, Board of Trustees, spiritual directors, instructors/presenters, staff, volunteers and patrons have companioned Stillpoint's mission of serving all who seek personal development, spiritual growth, and social transformation.

The trek to Stillpoint is analogous to the spiritual journey in that it required deep, difficult internal work. It required our founders to patiently wait in liminal space — that time when the dream seemed dormant yet work happening deep within them. In waiting, they were led the right place at the right time. Stillpoint, firmly rooted in Las Vegas, has become is a place of personal and community growth, kinship, and of individual and shared spiritual experiences. It is a source of respite, renewal, and living into the loving relationships we are called to personally and individually by the One.