Contemplations in Clay 

Clay is malleable and responsive. The spiritual life calls us to be as well.

Opening up to the Divine spark within maybe easier when holding a hunk of clay in your hands.

Coby Lyons discovered the sanctuary of Stillpoint soon after moving to Las Vegas. Years later, he says, “I still love to walk through Stillpoint’s door. Every time I do, I breathe in a death breath of relief and calm.” Coby gifts that calm forward through his program, Contemplations in Clay: Creating the Sacred. Using a simple pinch pot technique, Coby guides participants in shaping their own sacred artifact while learning principles and practices of contemplative prayer/meditation, personal reflection, and creating sacred space.

Coby's four-week program (2 hours per session) begins in mid-April 2021 with small group, social distancing in place. $100 includes instruction and all material costs.

Call to reserve your space (social distancing and masks are a must for participation). 702.243.4040,



Coby, a ceramic sculptor, is a spiritual seeker at heart. A former Catholic seminarian, he holds Masters of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (Oblate School of Theology, San Antonio, TX) and in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology (Naropa University, Boulder, CO). He’s a trained instructor of Mindfulness Meditation (1996), a Reiki Master/Teacher (2003), studied Buddhism (1997), and trained in hospice work. He is currently a doctoral candidate in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology at CIIS, San Francisco, CA.