A Spiritual Oasis in the Desert
Welcome from the Executive Director

Message from the Founding Director

Dr. Róisín

Dear Friends,

This morning as I write, a blanket of clouds hides the brilliant blue desert sky.   It is a “chilly” 84⁰!  We have a reprieve from the scorching summer sun.   The change in the weather feels good.  The rain, thunder and lightning of recent days added variety and spice to the norm.   Nature, as often, was my teacher.  It reminded me that we get accustomed to old ways, familiarity dulls our imagination and our dreams, we need change.   This Fall we are preparing for change at Stillpoint.   Change in leadership, like the weather, will add “variety and spice”. 

We have looked back and celebrated ten years of the pioneering venture called Stillpoint. I was privileged to bring it to birth and blessed by the many people who assisted me to realize the original vision “to provide a gathering space that is hospitable to and nurturing of the spiritual life”.   Stillpoint as it was conceived was an original concept.  It was an innovative center which was ahead of its time, and futuristic in its possibilities.   It had many new and experimental features, among others:  Governance by Lay Leadership; Interfaith in focus;  a Day Center – not the traditional residential retreat center; a Spirituality Center in a Business Complex!  A training Institute for Spiritual Direction; Outreach to the larger community:  International Speaker events.   Stillpoint has touched the lives of hundreds of people, has grown in stature and distinction as a Center for Spiritual Development.   As we look back there is much to celebrate, as we look forward there is much to imagine.  

As I looked forward I knew it was time for change: time for new ideas, variety of leadership, and enriching ways to expand the mission of Stillpoint.  A year ago I tendered my resignation as Executive Director.   The Board of Trustees conducted an intensive search and interview process towards hiring a new Executive Director.  We are pleased to announce that on August 18th Mr. Brian Neely will undertake his responsibilities in that position.  It is an exciting time for Stillpoint and for me personally.  I have carried four full time jobs for too long.  I look forward to doing just three of them, for now!  

As I step down from “running the show” at Stillpoint, there are many people to thank. If you have helped me to grow the Stillpoint dream you know who you are.  Your names and faces are in my heart forever.  I ask that you continue to support Mr. Neely as he takes up the sacred work of Stillpoint – a Center that exists to provide hospitality and spiritual nourishment for those who seek a personal relationship with the Divine.  Stillpoint is a sacred place.  We are privileged to share its mission.

With my gratitude, best blessings and love,








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