A Spiritual Oasis in the Desert
Welcome from the Executive Director

Message from the Founding Director

Dr. Róisín

Dear Stillpoint Community,

A New Year beckons. It is not “another new year”. It is new in that it has never happened before! Deep inside each of us is a desire to be more than we are. It is why we feel drawn to make New Year resolutions. We are tired of our old ways. We want more for and from ourselves. We want a fresh start, we want to be kinder, gentler, more forgiving, more compassionate, more understanding. We desire to become a healthier, conscious, whole, holier person. We want to know our better, and live our best selves.

This desire, however we experience it, is at source a Holy Longing. It is to tend this “hole in the soul” that Stillpoint was conceived ten years ago. Our Bi-Annual Calendars are testimony to the profound spiritual, transformative programs and events which Stillpoint has offered these past ten years. Those of you who have journeyed with us have been midwives to our Vision. Your financial support has made the concept of an Interfaith Non–Profit organization in Las Vegas, viable. Your attendance at our programs and events, your loyalty and presence, your hours of volunteering, have all been part of what Stillpoint is today. To you I say Thank You!

My memory of being ten years old is that of being in an in-between phase of my growing. I felt too old to play with my younger siblings and their friends. I was too young to be allowed into the teenage secrets of my older siblings and their friends. It was a Liminal Time for me, an in between space and time which in Celtic lore is considered a sacred time, a time when The Divine is at work in unseen and unconscious ways. It is the time between what has been and is not yet.

The Tenth anniversary at Stillpoint is that kind of Liminal Time. It is a time to look back at all that has been, and celebrate! It is a time to look forward to the not yet, and dream! It is a time for openness. It is a time for newness: new ideas, new eyes on a new world, new ways of expressing the vision and mission, new leadership. It is a time for deep discernment and much prayer. It is a time to acknowledge in gratitude the sacred space that is Stillpoint, which “provides a gathering place that is hospitable to and nourishing of the Spiritual life”.

As I enter into this 10th year at Stillpoint the words of Dag Hammarskjold are spoken in my heart: “For all that has been ‘Thanks’. For all that will be ‘Yes”.


In Gratitude and Blessing,




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