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Institute for Spiritual Direction

Institute for Spiritual Direction

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Spiritual Direction, a ministry and an art, is an ancient practice in the Christian tradition. The Spiritual Director is one who with a deep personal faith life, relevant education and training, experiences a call to companion others on their soul journey. Knowing that the Holy Spirit is the true guide, the Spiritual Director does not direct, but acts as a listening, supportive companion. The purpose of spiritual direction is to recognize and respond to the presence and action of God in one’s daily life.

The Institute for Spiritual Direction at Stillpoint offers a 2 year training program for people experiencing the call to be a Spiritual Director. This program is modeled on the internationally respected program at the Institute for Spiritual Leadership in Chicago. The program is presented as a unique adult education model based on the belief that it is in and through one’s personal inner journey that one is prepared for service in the art of Spiritual Direction.

The aim of The Institute for Spiritual Direction at Stillpoint is the development of the Spiritual Director as a unique person and as a skilled professional. Components include: small group work, journal writing, supervision, peer supervision, triads, ritual, and spiritual direction.

Course learning material includes:

  • Personal Transformation for Mission: Contemporary and Classic approaches.
  • Paths of Transformation.
  • Approaches to the Interior: Stages of Development; Differentiation Process; Psychological Theories.
  • Life Issues in Ministry.
  • Listening Skills.


Fall 2015


Stillpoint: Center for Spiritual Development

8072 W. Sahara Avenue, Suite D, Las Vegas, NV 89117


Email Stillpoint at Stillpoint@stillpointcsd.org or phone 702-243-4040.

Applications will be available in Spring 2015. Applications will only be considered from candidates who have a minimum of two years' experience of individual spiritual direction.


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