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Ongoing Programs at Stillpoint

Spiritual Direction

A ministry and an art, spiritual direction is an ancient practice in the Christian tradition and is central to life at Stillpoint. The Spiritual Director is one who, with a deep personal faith life, relevant education and training, experiences a call to companion others on their soul journey. Knowing that the Holy Spirit is the true guide, the Spiritual Director does not direct, but acts as a listening, supportive companion. The purpose of spiritual direction is to recognize and respond to the presence and action of God in one’s daily life.

Individual spiritual direction is available by appointment only.

Spiritual Directors:
Róisín O’Loughlin, D. Min. 
Kathleen Oettinger, M.A., M.F.A.

Sr. Rosalie Callen, CSJ
Ellyn DeAndrade, A.A.S.
Delise Sartini, B.A.
Kathy Ruud, B.S.
Lynn Rosencrantz, B.A., M.Ed.
Yolanda Nuñez, MBA, NACC
Jane Fransioli, B.A.
Barbara Winston, D.Min.


Spiritual Directors Professional Group Meetings

Part of the mission of Stillpoint is to provide opportunities for networking and support for people engaged in the ancient ministry of Spiritual Direction. Frequent meeting as peers is a central ethical practice for professionals who work in therapeutic practices, both secular and spiritual. To honor this practice, Spiritual Directors, who are individuals who have been through a formal training or formation program as a Spiritual Director, meet monthly as peers at Stillpoint. If you have been through such a program, and would benefit from this professional group meeting, please contact Stillpoint for further information.

Spiritual Direction Training Program

Stillpoint will again be offering a 2 year training program for people experiencing a call to be a Spiritual Director. The Institute for Spiritual Direction at Stillpoint (ISDS) will begin again in 2015. This program is modeled on the internationally respected program at the Institute of Spiritual Leadership in Chicago. The program is presented as a unique adult education model based on the belief that it is in and through one's personal inner journey that one is prepared for service in the art of Spiritual Direction. Nine weekends per year.

Singing Bowls Meditation

Different sounds can assist us in gaining access to deep places of inner quiet. One type of sound is that which is produced by the Crystal Singing Bowls. This ancient art of meditation uses rhythm and sound to open the body’s energies, create balance, de-stress the system and encourage a healthy spirit, mind and body.

Prayer at Stillpoint

Formation of Prayer Groups and nurturing small faith communities play an integral part of life at Stillpoint. Existing groups meet every other week for Lectio Divina and weekly for Centering Prayer. Introductory programs for new members are offered several times during the year.

Lectio Divina Prayer Groups:

Prayer Group 1 Coordinator: Kathy Black

Prayer Group 2 Coordinator: Kim Sennes

Prayer Group 3 Coordinator: Mary Alice Nielson

Prayer Group 4 Coordinator: Patricia Fritsch

Prayer Group 5 Coordinator: Paulette McDonald

Prayer Group 6 Coordinator: Debbie Gomes

Prayer Group 7/ Men’s Prayer Group Coordinator: Randy Bowman

Prayer Group 8 Coordinator: Ruth Petrella

Prayer Group 9 Coordinator: Angie Wright

Prayer Group Organizer: Delise Sartini

Centering Prayer

Developed by Trappist Fr. Thomas Keating, Centering Prayer is a method of prayer that prepares us to receive the gift of God’s presence in Contemplative Prayer. Beyond thoughts, words and emotions, Centering prayer leads to a resting in God. Praying in a group setting creates an atmosphere where the monkey mind is quieted more easily, a sacred community is formed, and practitioners experience a new depth that bears fruit in spirit, body and mind.

Dances of Universal Peace

These dances are part of a timeless tradition of sacred movement, song and story which have brought people together as part of everday life and life passages, in daily renewal and meditation. The Dances of Universal Peace are simple, meditative, joyous, multi-cultural circle dances that use sacred phrases, chants, music and movements from the many spiritual traditions of the earth to touch the spiritual essence within ourselves and recognize it in others.

Dream Groups: Utilizing Dreams for Spiritual Growth

For centuries dreams have been honored in many faith traditions as a spiritual vehicle for Divine communication. Our dreams are a source of wisdom that can inform and guide our lives.

An understanding of our dreams can encourage, affirm, challenge us, and ultimately provide resources for renewal, growth, strength and wisdom. Drawing from a Jungian perspective, members of this Dream Group will have an opportunity to share dreams and work together to plumb their meanings.

Facilitator: Cathy Pagano, M.A.

Note: Those wishing to join the group must first speak with Cathy by calling the Center at 243-4040.

The Reel Deal

The interface of Culture and Spirituality is explored in this Stillpoint program. Profound spiritual truths, the human condition, the ills in society and the stuff of greatness are themes that we find explored and expressed in modern cinema. Stillpoint is offering an opportunity to come together to share and discuss how we can be enlightened and challenged by Hollywood!

Those who plan on attending some or all of this program should call the Center and register so we can keep you informed of which films are to be discussed. Attendees are expected to view the films before the discussion. All movies can be rented at any major video store.



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